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MONTHLY MEETING: Monday 28 April

A Year in Kathmandu

Volunteering with SOCH, the Nepalese Humanist Society and Ambience International School.

Eleanor Middleton has recently returned from Kathmandu, Nepal, where she has spent the past year volunteering with SOCH, the Nepalese Humanist Society and helping with activities at their Humanist school, Ambience International School. At the school Eleanor helped with teaching science and supported a young class in their desire to establish a school library. Eleanor will share with us the vision of SOCH to provide secular, rational and science based schooling in a society where Hinduism is entwined in all areas of daily life.

We meet from 7.30 pm until 9.30 pm
the Tararua Tramping Club, 4 Moncrief St

All interested people are welcome, Society members and members of the public – bring a friend.

Allan Wilson Centre ‘The Evolution of Goodness’

Professor Lee Dugatkin, Professor of Biology at the University of Louisville USA

Professor Dugatkin was interviewed by Kim Hill on Saturday morning 19 April and his talk focuses on the issue of what drives humans and other animals to help each other out, through acts of kindness, generosity and protection, even when these altruistic behaviours can be detrimental to themselves. After watching the behaviour of honeybees, Darwin realised that selection also acts at a family level, as altruistic behaviour of a members of a group was beneficial to the member as it increased the likelihood of survival and reproduction of other closely related members. He has written three books on the evolution of goodness. In ‘The Altruism Equation: Seven Scientists Search for the Origins of Goodness(2006) Professor Dugatkin follows the history of evolutionary explanations of altruistic behaviours from Charles Darwin through to the mathematical equation for kinship-selection formulated by William Hamilton in the 1960s.

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The Challenge of Modern Humanism

Human beings must accept responsibility for themselves, each other and our planet
There is no evidence of any supernatural power to help, reward or punish us
We must gain greater understanding of our world and our fellow human beings. Our resources for this are our
   - human experience
   - modern knowledge
   - capacities for reason, compassion and co-operation
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Humanism is the use of human reason in the service of compassion
God impregnated a virgin so that he could be born so that he could die so that he could appease himself.
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