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Every Saturday and Sunday 8pm to midnight
Graeme Hill on radioalive for science and scepticism

2014 AGM and Seminar: Saturday 18 October

11am,Ground floor of the Law School, Old Government Building. If you are interested in joining our Council, please contact us, you are very welcome.

If planning to attend both AGM & Seminar, please bring some finger food to share in between. After the Climate Reality talk we will go to a nearby eatery.

2014 Seminar: 3pm-4pm, Ground floor of the Law School, Old Government Building
Cathy Iorns BA LLB(Hons) Well, LLM Yale,
Senior Law Lecturer, School of Law, Victoria University
Climate Reality 2014

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The Challenge of Modern Humanism

Human beings must accept responsibility for themselves, each other and our planet
There is no evidence of any supernatural power to help, reward or punish us
We must gain greater understanding of our world and our fellow human beings. Our resources for this are our
   - human experience
   - modern knowledge
   - capacities for reason, compassion and co-operation
Humanism is the use of human reason in the service of compassion
God impregnated a virgin so that he could be born so that he could die so that he could appease himself.
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